Visiting Specialists

- Elizabeth Watson, DVM, Dipl. ACVR -

Dr. Watson is a board certified veterinary radiologist and owner of Veterinary Imaging, a radiology referral service in South Florida.
Dr. Watson is available for interpretation of radiographs, ultrasound images, MR and CT studies which reach Veterinary Imaging by mail, courier or telemedicine. Through telemedicine Dr. Watson can provide the most immediate consultation to veterinarians at any location. Veterinary Imaging also provides mobile ultrasound and film reading service to veterinarians and their clients’ pets from the Florida Keys to South Miami. Dr. Watson is also available as needed at All Animal Clinic and works with the veterinarians there to provide advanced care for that extremely important family member, your pet.

Dr. Watson received her DVM from the University of Florida in 1988. She completed a four year residency in Radiology at the University of Georgia in 1994. In 1994 Dr. Watson became a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Radiology and received a MS degree in Anatomy and Radiology form University of Georgia in the same year. Prior to opening Veterinary Imaging, Dr. Watson was a radiologist with a radiology referral service in Redmond, Washington.

Clinic Location

5450 MacDonald Ave,
Suite #13, Stock Island, FL

Phone: (305) 294-5255

Office Hours

Mon-Fri: 8a-5p
Sat: 9a-4p
Sun: 9a-3p Surgery's & Emergencies
Hours may change temporarily, please call for specifics.