All Animal Clinic Services

- Dentistry –

Routine dental care is one of the best things you can do as a pet owner for the longevity of your pet. At All Animal Clinic we have an ultrasonic scaler as well as low and high speed drills to help us take care of your pets oral health.

All pets undergoing dental procedures are anesthetized and intubated then monitored by a technician via pulse oximetry and ECG monitor throughout the procedure. We are also able to perform extractions of diseased and fractured teeth as needed.

Clinic Location
5450 MacDonald Ave,
Suite #13, Stock Island, FL
Phone: (305) 294-5255
Office Hours
Mon-Fri: 8a-5p
Sat: 9a-4p
Sun: 9a-3p Surgery's & Emergencies
Hours may change temporarily, please call for specifics.
  • cleaning
  • ultrasonic scaling /polish
  • tooth extraction
  • fistula repair