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All Animal Clinic Services: Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is fast becoming one of the most widely used forms of regenerative medicine.  In animals this procedure is being used mostly to help alleviate pain in arthritic joints, although other uses are currently being studied.  The procedure itself uses mature stem cells extracted from the patients own adipose tissue.  These cells are then combined with the patients platelet rich plasma and activated with an LED light before injecting them back into the joint(s) affected by osteoarthritis.  In theory the stem cells travel to  and  should help repair the damaged tissue and in turn help alleviate the pain caused by oseoarthritis and degenrative joint disease, allowing your pet to live a longer life with less pain.

  • in house procedure from start to finish
  • same day procedure (collection and injection)
  • non-invasive procedure for pain relief from arthritis

Medivet America has developed the equipment that allows the entire procedure to be performed on site.  All Animal Clinic has this equipment and is very excited to be able to offer this treatment option to  you for your pets.