All Animal Clinic is dedicated to providing the finest veterinary care possible to your pets. We believe that all pets should be treated com-passionately and humanely in life and in death.
We believe that client education, preventative medicine and quality medical care are imperative for the longevity and well being of pets. Our goal is to help strengthen the bond between people and their pets in whatever way possible.

Our mission statement at All Animal Clinic is important to each and every one of us.

All Animal Clinic offers a full range of medical services for your pet, including preventative medicine, surgery, dental care, radiology and ultrasound, cancer therapy and hospice care.

All Animal Clinic has a complete in-house laboratory to expedite test results.

Our veterinarians are on call after hours and on holidays for our patients.

All Animal Clinic treats the working canines for the Key West Police Department and the US Navy. The veterinarians also work closely with board certified veterinary specialists in various fields to ensure that new and current therapies are available for your pets.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your family!

Dr. Lisa Bramson

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We are AAHA accredited and celebrating!

We are AAHA accredited – That’s something only 12% of veterinary hospitals in the US and Canada can say!

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