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Dear Kelly, Margarita, Christine, Stacy, Jessica, Michelle, Amanda, and Kristen.

A thank you to all who sent me the beautiful card, and the angel book, and wrote the touching and comforting messages about Bizzy Bee.

And this includes a thank you to Lisa, who was away, but who I know feels the same. She, too, comforted me many years ago when Annabell and Elizabeth bulldog went to meet their angels.

My thank you also goes to Tina and Mike, who were my bolldog buddies for so many years. And my thanks to anyone who may have been left out of this letter … for everybody at the clinic has been wonderful to me and my pets and all who come there.

The new little baby bulldog that Bizzy Bee picked out for me arrived on Dec. 29th and will soon pay a visit.

With love from Whit and Bizzy Bee and her Angel.

Dearest Dr. Jensen, Dr. Bramson & Staff,

I want to thank you with all my heart for being there for my precious Toby and for me. The first time I called for help, Dr. Bramson operated on Toby without delay, and called me that evening with such patience, kindness and compassion. The last time I called for help on a Saturday morning as I could not let Toby suffer; without delay , Dr. Jensen came to my home at my request to help Toby die with compassion.

My heart is so, so profoundly grateful beyond words. What would I ever have done without this caring and compassion? All of your lovong staff were so good and kind. Leontyne, Kristen, Jessica, Kelly who so lovingly gave Toby his sulpher treatments. I am so profoundly grateful to each one of you.

We will always hold a special place in out hearts for you. Dr. Jensen, I am so deeply greatful to you for being there when we needed you.

You will all be blessed.

Our Heartfelt Gratitude,Christine and Bruce

To all our friends at All Animal Clinic,

We want to thank you all for everything you did for our sweet little Monte. He was a very special little guy and we were so thankful to have the almost two extra months you gave us with him.

We have never known a cat like him, he didn’t have an ounce of mean in him and he gave us almost seven years of joy. We miss him every day.

Bob & Gail Kulikowsky

To All of Sammie’s Hero’s,
Today, May 12, 2009, is a year since all of you saved the life of Sammie when she had bloat.

As you can see she has made it to her 13th Birthday because of you. I know I have thanked each and every one of you a thousand times but it still isn’t enough to keep telling you how grateful I am to have been vacationing in the Keys when this happened to Sammie. I know deep in my heart that if Sammie had bloated anywhere else, she would not be here today. All of you were placed in my path for a very good reason. I hope all of you know just how very special you are, and how compassionate you are with animals….god knows I spent every waking minute in your hospital, so I saw first hand how you work. Your caring, sympathetic, expert medical care, and surgical expertise supersedes any expectation a client would ever have first walking into a vet clinic.

I thank you so much for giving Sammie her life back, and for continued follow ups on her progress. I will always remember ALL of you and your dedication that saved the life of my “baby girl” Sammie.

Sharyn Tucker . . . and Sammie

Dear Dr Jensen,

Thank you for taking care of Memphis. I miss him so much!

Wendy Donaldm Memphis, Lucille & Bell

Thank you for being so very nice and supportive to Willie Dog and me at a really really difficult time.

Here is Wilhemina ‘Willie Dog’ doing a promo for the Conch Republic Fashion Show. It was her first and only time dressing up and she was the hit of the show.

Thank you again

Jim Sherrington

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