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About All Animal Clinic: Meet our Mascot The Donald

The Mascot at All Animal Clinic Key West - The DonaldHe gazes fixedly upon you with his clear, penetrating blue eyes. The billowing, elegant strawberry blond fur surrounds and caps the vision of a worthy mascot for All Animal Clinic – The Donald! He wants to “Make America Purrfect again!”

Clearly, he is a pet-in-charge at the welcome desk, although worthy and friendly staff members are also there to greet all arrivals and provide able assistance.

Somewhat overbearing in demeanor now, The Donald came to live and take charge at All Animal Clinic in the fall of 2016 at the tender age of 10 weeks. He already knew what challenges life could bring.

Donald came from the lesser streets of Key West where he was found homeless and “shacking up” with some infamous Key West chickens. However, it was from the “street friends” that he must have acquired his early social skills (or lack of same at times).

After a brief period of adjustment, The Donald has come to love his esteemed position and life of luxury at All Animal Clinic. He spares no instance in letting everyone know (feline, K9 or human) that this is HIS WORLD you have entered, although you are clearly welcome.

Still, Donald is the first to volunteer blood to those less fortunate felines in need. He enjoys sitting with patients and calming them. He loves to spend time with the humans who enter the office as well, easing their anxiety and stress.

Occasionally, Donald will take an available opportunity to mark his territory and let visitors be clear that this is “his kingdom.”

But overall, The Donald passes many days of obvious friendship and camaraderie with patients and their humans. He does not plan to retire any time soon from this most special and honorable duty, far beyond what he could ever have imagined as an island street cat.

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