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At All Animal Clinic we believe strongly in preventative medicine.  We try to help pet owners make decisions about what is best for their individual pets and lifestyles. Read More


We offer a full range of surgical procedures at All Animal Clinic, including, but not limited to, spays and neuters, laceration repair, biopsies, growth removals, intestinal surgery and fracture repair. Read More


Routine dental care is one of the best things you can do as a pet owner for the longevity of your pet. At All Animal Clinic we have an ultrasonic scaler as well as low and high speed drills to help us take care of your pets oral health. Read More


All Animal Clinic boasts the best digital X-Ray system of any veterinary hospital in all of Monroe County. Our state of the art equipment is the same that is used in teaching hospitals across the country. Read More


All Animal Clinic has a complete in-house laboratory. This means we can perform lab tests while you are at the hospital with your pet. Having an in-house laboratory allows us to expedite the diagnosis and treatment of your pet(s). Read More


All Anmial Clinic is proud to have Dr. Liz Watson, Dipl. ACVR, as our consulting radiologist. Dr. Watson routinely performs ultrasound for our patients on an as needed basis. Read More

In-House Pharmacy

All Animal Clinic has a completely stocked in house pharmacy. When your pet needs medication, whether it be hospitalized in our intensive care unit, or to take home for treatment, we have what your pet needs. Read More


Pets are living to much older ages thanks to all the advances made in veterinary medicine in the past decade. Many geriatric patients benefit from long term supplemental care at home. Read More

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